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Garage Door Service in Wayzata, MN

We're ready to help when you have maintenance and repair needs. Our team at Garage Door Repair Wayzata, MN specializes in garage door service of all kinds. Whether you need emergency service right now—Available 24/7—or if you need an estimate for a new replacement, we’d love to be the place you call. 

Increase Your Property Value With A New Door!

Would you replace your door if you knew you could make up at least 80% of the cost by the increase in your property value? Close to half of our installations are done before a house goes on the market. Real estate agents often refer their clients to get this done if there’s major damage such as dents, rusting, rotting wood, etc. 

Even if you have zero plans to sell your home, you deserve to pull up to a beautiful, dent and rust-free garage every single day. After all, your garage often takes up 25% or more of your exterior real estate and curb appeal. If you think about it in percentage terms, there’s no wonder why those dented panels or that deteriorating wood door may be bothering you.

We want to help you find the right replacement for your needs. We offer some of the best prices in the area. Plus, we can help with custom-build orders. All of which can be ordered, built and replaced in a short amount of time. We offer free estimates, so there’s no reason not to get yourself a quick quote. 

When To Call For Garage Door Service

It’s hard to know when to call a professional service provider and when to make the repair yourself. Here are a few signs that you definitely should leave the repair work to a professional. As a reminder, a lot of DIY repairs can void new part warranties.

Some DIY repairs require special tools that would cost more to purchase than if you contracted the work out with us. Also, the gift of time is something to consider when it comes to whether or not you want to spend all weekend troubleshooting a garage door problem. 

Issues that definitely warrant a service call:

  • Is your door coming off the tracks when it’s moving? You could have a number of different problems, including a broken or bent track. If left unrepaired, you could easily have more excessive damage to occur, such as needing new rollers and a full realignment. 
  • Are there any loud grinding noises or any sounds that are out of place? This is the first sign of a major issue. Call us so we can inspect your system and find the root problem.
  • Did you hear or see a spring break? You should turn off the garage door switch so that nobody else in the home can attempt to open or close the garage door. Doing so with a broken spring can cause increased damage.   

You Can Count On Us!

Our friendly team is just a phone call away. We have technicians who work on-call only schedules, and they’re ready to help you in the middle of the work day or in the middle of the night. You can count on Garage Door Repair Wayzata, MN to have great service, a friendly staff, and quality repairs. Call us now!

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